MODEL : DN 20S-2

Ideal for connection to your solar and gas unit.

The DN 20S-2 thermostatic valve limits the temperature of the hot water supplying your faucet. It is ideal for installations with SOLAR water heater and GAS UNIT.

The valve has two inlets and one outlet.

At the two inlets of the valve we have the cold  water network and the hot water of the solar system. The output, whose temperature we define, e.g. 50 o C, is led to the intake of GAS UNIT water.

If the water is 50 ° C the gas unit is not energized and simply lets the water pass through the plate exchanger and continue towards the faucet. If the water is at a lower temperature of 50 ° C, the unit is energized to cover the temperature difference between the water temperature and the desired temperature.

In this way we protect the hot water circuit of the gas unit from the very high temperatures of the solar system’s water and we achieve great savings from the proper management of the hot water.


Water outlet 35 – 55oC

Inlet of cold water 4 – 29oC

Hot water inlet 50 – 99oC

Supply  26.67 liters per minute

Operating pressure 0.03-1 MPa

Ideal operating pressure of 0.1-0.5 MPa

Temperature deviation ± 2 ° C

Connections ¾ ”