Q -SERIES140.000 ΕΩΣ 600.000 KCAL/H

Cast Iron Gas – Oil Boilers


The “Q” series of boilers, features 9 models, ranging from 140,000 to 600,000 kcal/h, is suitable for use with oil and gas (natural gas or LPG).

The long experience of the OSCAR industry in the manufacture of cast iron boilers ensures its boilers’ excellent performance and energy efficiency.

The “Q” series has three exhaust paths, a ceramic insulated door over its entire surface and a 10 cm thick fiberglass insulation trunk with metallic electrostatically coated covers, and a complete instrument panel containing: a function indicator light, a general on/off switch, a safety thermostat, electrical safety, and controls for burner and circulator on/off water temperatures and indicators..

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