Wall mounted gas boiler OSCAR ROC 24 kW

OSCAR is in the pleasant position to announce its partnership with the ROC factory, the world’s leading manufacturer of wall-mounted gas boilers.

The cornerstone of this cooperation is the new DUKE series with performance indexes up to 108%

The DUKE series is a fully analogue gas unit capable of reducing its power to 5 kW without any loss in efficiency, to avoid frequent unit restarts that strain the mechanical parts and increase consumption.


With power of 25.8 kw in heating and 13.1 liters per minute of hot water the unit responds to the needs of your home without any discounts on quality.
The 4-phase stainless steel heat exchanger ensures optimum performance and durability.
The optimal air/fuel distribution in the mix is achieved by the electronically controlled fan.
A fully proportional pump (ErP) with high pump head (66kPa) ensures comfortable and economical operation even in “difficult” installations.
The unit carries a large, electronic, color display with easy and friendly end-user menu with a host of functions such as daily and weekly programs, temperatures, errors, and many more.

The units are available for natural gas and LPG


A meeting of two big names in heating.


ROC is the largest manufacturer of gas burners in China with an annual capacity of 500,000 units, which makes it the No. 1 plant with a 17-year history behind it.

ROC has always considered technology as the key to success. Thus, since its inception, it has developed an advanced research and development center.

Through the adoption of leading European technologies in domestic gas plants and continuous innovation, ROC has acquired more than 20 patents, most notably high-efficiency condenser heat exchanger technology.

This basic technology enabled ROC to develop the gas condensing boiler with a thermal efficiency of up to 109%, which meets the highest international standards.

Strict production and quality control allow ROC products to acquire,

EU CE certificate,
Russian GOST-R certificate,

ROC has been awarded many awards, including the State-Level High-Tech Enterprise and Top Ten Wall-Hanged Gas Boiler Brands. It has a high market share and its products are exported to more than 31 countries.
For Greece and the Balkans, ROC is exclusively represented by OSCAR.


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