N-S SERIES 30.000 – 120.000 KCAL/H

OSCAR, a leading company in the manufacture of cast iron boilers, presents the new range of N-S condensing boilers with system yields ≥ 106% presents to the Greek and European markets.

The new N-S line consists of:

  • The classic cast iron trunk of the OSCAR boiler series “N” and,
  • A stainless steel (INOX 316) heat recovery heat exchanger (“N-eco” series)


The N-S boiler completes:

  • Stainless steel double-skinned chimney with 50 mm insulation (chimney set)
  • Concentrate siphon

The new range of OSCAR boilers maximizes performance by combining a classic cast iron boiler (with renowned top quality for nearly 30 years) with a NEW innovative heat recovery heat exchanger made of stainless grade 316 steel (inert to sulfuric acid, a condensation product). The result is exhaust gas below 90 °C and system performance exceeding 106%

The N-S series comes complete with a robust metal instrument panel that ensures safe and seamless operation of the system. The instrument panel consists of:

  • General switch ON / OFF
  • Burner ON / OFF switch
  • Safety thermostat
  • Safety light
  • Burner thermostat
  • Burner light
  • Exhaust gas thermometer
  • Circulator thermostat
  • Pump bulb
  • Water thermometer
  • Electrical safety 6 Α




The OSCAR industry specifically designed the “Z” condensate siphon for the “N-eco” series of heat exchangers that ensures the proper ignition and operation of the burner.


In addition to economy and environmental protection, the “N-S” series:
Increases the lifetime of the boiler and all other materials and components because the combustion is cleaner.
Facilitates maintenance of the system, which is now easier, shorter and less expensive.
It requires a smaller chimney cross section, hence a lower purchase, installation and maintenance cost.


Condensation technology applies for the type of fuel used (oil or natural gas or LPG or other).