SERIES Ν 30.000 – 120.000 KCAL/H

 Cast Iron Gas – Oil Boilers


The OSCAR N series boilers are constructed with DIG 1691 (EN 1561) gray cast iron GG20 with a wall thickness of 7 and 10 mm and are the most advanced three-way classic boilers, suitable for both oil and gas fuels (natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas).
With a 20-year warranty, they set the limits for competition, offering the consumer highest performance and efficiency.
The front doors of the boilers are insulated with ceramic fibers and fully open either to the left or right for maximum flexibility. Thus, the entire interior of the boiler is accessible for maintenance, cleaning and inspection.

The body of the boilers consists of:

  • A front member (M)
  • A variable number of intermediate elements (E)
  • A rear or mirror part(II)

The boilers have a strong 10 cm thick perimeter thermal insulation and painted housing in RAL 3020 and RAL 7042 colours.

The “N” series boilers are complemented with a modern instrument panel that ensures effective control of the boiler operation parameters.