Q-S -SERIES 140.000 – 600.000 KCAL/H

The new “Q-S” condensing boiler series is a comprehensive proposal that fully meets the EU’s energy, design and production requirements. A modern heating system that focuses on the economy and the environment, as well as on the final consumer.


The new Q-S boiler series is certified with CE to fully meet the new EU regulations which aim at saving energy, cleaner pollutants and more accurately informing consumers about the efficiency of the boilers.


  • 813/2013 (ECO DESIGN)
  • 2009/142/EC
  • 2014/35/EC
  • 2014/30/EC


The “Q-S” cast iron boilers use three exhaust gas routes that make excellent use of the thermal potential of exhaust gases.

The front door of the boiler opening right or left according to your order, is strongly insulated with ceramic insulation over its entire surface.
Insulation of a 50 mm thick fiberglass boiler body to effectively reduce heat losses.

The “Q-S” series boilers have high corrosion and oxidation resistance due to the cast iron properties.
For the “Q-S” series, the OSCAR industry based on the Q-series boiler body has designed the Q-eco INNOVATIVE ALTERNATIVE ENERGY RANGE series made entirely of stainless steel INOX 316 in the exhaust-gas path  and INOX 304 in other parts. “Q-eco” exchangers are accompanied by two condensate siphons for safe system use and correct burner adjustment.

The OSCAR industry designed the “Z” condensate siphon specifically for the N-eco series of “Z” condensate sinks to ensure that the burner is properly and safely ignited.